Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scorned Woman Ecards--The Beginning

Hello Friends, Foes, and Hos,

Welcome to the first page of Scorned Woman Ecards-- for when you care too much... to let it go.

I think it's quite fitting that our site is beginning during Woman's Month, when we sing in unison: I am woman, hear me roar/ E-cards too truthful to ignore!

We will be adding ecards on the daily, posting by category, and allowing you to have a laugh, handle your emotional scandal, and spread the TRUTH to those that have done you wrong.

Here are the latest cards. Until we get our technical skills up and running, you can right click on an image (or CTRL - click if you're on a MAC), save to your comp, and send away!

For those of you dealing with the pain of what was undoubtedly a wrongful rejection:

For those of you who have hooked up with a fool who now acts like you don't exist:

For that little biotch who moves on way too soon, proving he/she/ze was never really into you in the first place:

And for when you just want to let them know you're just plain old angry:

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Anonymous said...

This is me breaking the proverbial bottle of champagne on our blog-schooner.